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Abiyàh Vogue Red

Abiyàh Vogue Red

€ 198,00Prezzo

The elegance of Abiyàh is divine, timeless.


Creation with unique shapes and sophisticated color combinations of fine fabrics.

The various components of the precious jewels overlap and harmonize according to individual choice, defining that unicum called style.

  • Fabric Composition:

    80% PA - 20% EA (Golden Fabric Finish)

  • Jewels Combination:

    • pure sodalite with combined craftsmansip with original Swarosvki crystals and inserts with gold plating;
    • fine hard-crafted Agata Botswana pearls combined with original Swarosvki crystals and gold-plated inserts;
    • shining spheres of golden rock chrysatalus of hand-crafted combined with original Swarosvki crystals and inserts with gold plating.
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