About Us

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JUMEIRAH is a jewelry wear and swimsuit brand, born from a group of fashion lovers who share the same philosophy, determined to offer a sophisticated and elegant style.


Our goal is to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves and to feel "precious" with what they wear.


Extraordinary and decisive, minimalist and spectacular: these are the hallmarks of the JUMEIRAH style. An unmistakable style with which you can express your uniqueness.

Details are important !!!


Craftsmanship of excellence, creativity, certified jewels, high quality: they are the foundation of our uniqueness, what elevates our garments making them the expression of a rare and precious luxury.

We love to take care of every detail: we use selected materials and extraordinary palettes of colors, jewels and precious stones, giving life to unique creations with an unmistakable and refined character.

Creations, born from the typical "Made in Italy" craftsmanship, are designed to emphasize the natural shapes of the body, ensuring comfort, style and well-being.  And our models offer an exclusive and original look: they are true icons of versatility, made to be worn both day and night, at any time and occasion.